February 9, 2020


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From the Rector's Homily at Mass

"We can enlighten the world with the message of the Gospel because our lives have been transformed by the Gospel and now we ourselves are light for others. We can serve others in various ways, only because we have been saved by God's grace and now we are agents of that grace in the lives of others. Our own renewal becomes the means through which God works in the world."

Father Phillip Fleay has presided over the celebration of the Most Holy Eucharist within which the seminarians have signed their personal affirmation and commitment to the values and lifestyle expectations of the Seminary.

The pledge reads:

I, N., trusting in God's graciousness,

commit myself to living here at the Seminary of St Charles in 2020

so as to discern more fully my vocation.

Each day with God's help,

and drawing from the example and friendship of my brothers and sisters,

I promise to study the word of God,

to celebrate the Church's sacred liturgy,

to make time for personal prayer and study,

and to grow in love for God and service of God's holy people.

May the gentle and wise Spirit of God be my constant companion,

so that I may use this year and the gift of living in the seminary

to grow in authentic humanity and faith,

wisdom and love for the Lord Jesus and his Church.

Blessed Mary, Mother of Jesus, our merciful High Priest,

pray for me as I journey through this year

of formation, challenge, opportunities, and insights.

St Charles Borromeo, all holy priests and seminarians,

pray for me.

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