March 24, 2020

RIP Sr Clare Sciesinski PVBM

Preface I for the Dead, Roman Missal III

Indeed for your faithful, Lord,

life is changed not ended,

and, when this earthly dwelling turns to dust,

an eternal dwelling is made for them in heaven.

With profound sadness, St Charles Seminary reports the demise of Sr Clare Sciesinski PVBM who passed away yesterday, 23 March, 2020.


Sr Clare began teaching at the University of Notre Dame Australia, Fremantle in 1996 and retired at the end of 2019. As a lecturer in New Testament Studies both at the University and a visiting lecturer at St Charles Seminary, she has played an invaluable role in the formation of numerous priests and religious in addition to being a beloved friend, mentor, and colleague to many. Her warmth and affection, her sense of humour, her passion for teaching, and her faith in Christ leave a lasting impression on the many who have been fortunate to have had her in their lives.

The community of St Charles Seminary expresses its deepest sympathies to all those grieving at the loss of Sr Clare and assures them of our thoughts and prayers for them at this time. And we pray for Sr Clare, that the Lord will receive her into his loving embrace and grant her a share in his Resurrection.

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Sr Clare Sciesinski