March 23, 2022


Nicholas G. Diedler is ordained a deacon for the Archdiocese of Perth.

Promises made to the Archbishop and his successors.
Litany of supplication to the saints.
Laying on of hands and prayer of ordination.
Vesting with diaconal stole and dalmatic.
Nicholas is congradulated by his mother.
Nicholas is congradulated by his father.
Handing on of the Book of the Gospels.
Liturgy of the Eucharist.
Dcn. Nicholas and family.
Dcn. Nicholas with Rev Fr Vinh Dong and the local community of Dominican Religious Sisters.

On 12 March 2022, Nicholas G. Diedler was ordained to the diaconate by Archbishop Timothy Costelloe for the Archdiocese of Perth.


The occasion was celebrated on the school lawn of the St John Paul II Catholic Primary School (Banksia Grove). A wonderful evening made possible by the support from the parish community, and the friends and family of Nicholas.

We give thanks to God for this wonderful gift! 

“...ordination as a deacon does not set a man apart from the community of disciples. On the contrary, it inserts the man much more deeply into the community of disciples because it bestows on the man the grace, and the responsibility, of making his whole life, in every dimension, a total gift to God for the sake of God’s people. He is, in a sense, a living sacrament in the Holy People of God which is also a living sacrament.

It is not easy to commit oneself publicly, totally and unreservedly to God in this way and we should be in awe of the courage Nicholas is showing in offering himself to the Lord and his people. But even more, I believe, we should be in awe of the overwhelming power of God’s grace, for it is this which has enabled Nicolas to say “yes” to the Lord’s invitation and it will be this which will enable Nicholas, if he remains open to God’s grace, to be faithful to the commitments which he makes tonight.”

- Archbishop Timothy Costelloe SDB DD

Homily at the Diaconate Ordination of Nicholas G. Diedler